Jann Paxton

Jann worked in a variety of Arts fields for over 3 decades, including men’s fashion design, theater, dance, singing and songwriting, painting and visual art. He has designed clothing for notable artists like David Bowie and Andy Warhol, and spent a decade touring and recording albums. In 2001, Jan retired from the music industry, picked up a paintbrush, and started using his years of experiences to create the images in his now growing collection of paintings and digital images. He especially loved to paint portraits.

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1. What do you use PaintShop Prop for?

I use PaintShop Pro primarily for the creation and/or the fine tuning of digital portraits and photographs and to prepare them for printing on canvas and paper.

2. How did you get started in photography or art?

My mother was a painter and I grew up around art. All of the jobs I’ve worked at (theater costume and sets design, menswear designer, music group managing) involved some form of visual art but, I didn’t commit to “fine art” painting full-time until I had an illness that made me bed-bound with only limited movement. As therapy to keep my hands mobile, an art therapist was hired. She introduced me to digital painting using Corel PaintShop Pro and a Wacom tablet. It was a perfect way to keep my hands and mind moving.

3. Describe your style.

Romantic, classic, modern expressionism with undertones of satire and humor.

4. What inspires your art?

I love making people look their best and creating something of them that is iconic and beautiful.

5. How long have you been using PaintShop Pro and why PaintShop Pro?

I’ve used PaintShop Pro for the past 7 years – ever since it was brought to me by a physical therapist/art therapist. It was the first and only digital imaging program that I ever used until I began including Corel Painter a couple years ago.

6. What is your favorite feature in PaintShop Pro?

I love all of the effects filters and the ability to record specific personalized scripts that can then be applied to many additional images to create a look or style that is consistent and individual.

7. Why should others try PaintShop Pro?

PaintShop Pro has the ability to make visions come to life. With a little practice and imagination, you can make an old image look new again and a new image look eternal. Using PaintShop Pro, you can begin from an existing painting or photo, or from a blank page. The options are limitless.

Images by Jann

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