Crux Parazonium USPN-1 M1D1.cdr


The Five Horsemen of the Dandopocalypse




A new derivative version of Old Planetcracker USDX-1 M8D2.cdr, VAu 1-393-433, 2020.

A proposed new unified single specification upgrade for The State Flag of Virginia.

A Planetcracker Series special variant version for The Climate Activist Community.

Shown here in this worksheet as a 1:5 ratio scale of the 3′ by 5′ production version.

Retiring the only banner flag in the world that is intended to depict a nude satanic beating, in progress, the Planetcracker Series introduces instead a variant version from its Aeternum proposals as a total reboot fit for real lovers. A pair of Cadet Union Jacks scaled to recall the appearance and overall color scheme of the outgoing “S.O.B.”

A new color-corrected optical art fly featuring a Coal/Oil into Green Energy Emerald Rainbow. In CorelDRAW® 2021 PANTONE+® Solid Coated-V4 Tierney Orange 2011, Red 2347, Violet 258, Blue 2133, Joe Navy 2766, Emerald Green 2253, 2256, 2259, and 7739, Yellow 395, and Black 6 C.

Fonts by Ray Larabie/The Ultimate Font Download; Microsoft.

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