Old Windsock USPN-1 M1D1.cdr





A new derivative version of Old Planetcracker USDX-1 M8D2.cdr, VAu 1-393-433, 2020.

A proposed new unified single specification upgrade for The State Flag of Arkansas.

Agrees in style and design with the Old Planetcracker series U.S. Flag proposals.

Shown here in this worksheet as a 1:5 ratio scale of the 3′ by 5′ production version.

Retiring a banner that looks more like the label for a can of kitchen cleanser, the Planetcracker Series introduces a far more suitable 21st Century design for one of America’s most historically important Southern States. In a unique Triple-Diamond array, a custom-inverted Cadet Union Jack paired with a special 25-star Perfect-cut Lozenge.

Framed in a new Masonic Trinary Hyperstar Tetrahedron, an upgraded setting of the State Name in Venus Rising by Larabiefonts. Shown here in CorelDRAW® 2021 PANTONE+® Solid Coated-V4 Tierney Orange 2011, Red 2347, Blue 2133, Joe Navy 2766, Tierney Yellow 395, and Black 6 C.

Fonts by Ray Larabie/The Ultimate Font Download.

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