Selected Poems AV Haar 1982 to 2022

I am thrilled to announce a new book arriving 08.03.22.
This is a collection of poems from 1982 to 2022. Forty years of poems from AV Haar.

In 1982 AV Haar wrote and published his first poem, Shadows, and has continued to write poetry for over 40 years. This collection includes extensive selections of his first five poetry books, drawing from over 530 poems. AV Haar wishes to preserve the strongest of those, totaling over 275 in one volume, all from this period.

This book includes over 480 pages of poems from, Words Which Stay, Volumes 1 and 2, Big Boy Pants, Fuck is Astir, and Teeth. It will also include new works never before published.

AV Haar writes about surviving childhood trauma, politics, nature, mysticism, a violent attack in 2021, and ultimately love. He does this in a combination of confessional and mystical poetry laced with imagist stylings.

AV Haar has never made his works public until recently.

Thank you for reading my words. 🙂