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10 Examples of Remarkable Rain Photography

Rain, rain go away! Come again another day! Wait, I take that back… rain makes for amazing photos. Rainy days may not be your favorite days to shoot on, but it sure is worth the frizzy hair and soggy shoes. [...]


How to take memorable landscape photos with your iPhone

Photo by Linda Lin Think for a moment. Is your home computer holding hundreds of photos of amazing landscapes that no one will ever look at? Is that because most of the photos just aren’t that good? Every time [...]


10 Breathtaking Examples of Nature Photography

Nature is all around us — both physically and virtually.  Our team has scoured the internet and hand-picked 10 breathtaking examples of nature photography that we think you’ll love. Enjoy! Be sure to check out our quick tips video [...]


3 Easy Tips for Better Travel Photos

Don’t put your friends to sleep with your travel pictures! Now don’t stress. Whether it’s touring in the silence of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, falling into the glory of nature at Victoria Falls in Zambia, or laying into a sushi [...]


HDR Photography

In HDR photography, there is a fine line between reality and fantasy — and, it’s absolutely breathtaking! HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is a technique used to capture a greater range between the darkest shadows and lightest sources of [...]

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