Video Tips


November 16, 2015

Use Audio Ducking for Clearer Audio


Balance dialog, narration with background sound for pro-quality audio. With Audio Ducking, VideoStudio detects audio or narration and automatically lowers the volume of background sound. Adjust the Ducking Level and Sensitivity if you...

November 9, 2015

NEW to VideoStudio Pro X8 – VideoStudio MyDVD


Experience a new and easier way to burn to DVD, AVCHD and Blu-ray Disc. Get a stylish look with 10 themed templates with menus, sub-menus and chapters. Turn your videos and photos into professional-looking multimedia disc projects,...

October 6, 2014

Leave Headroom!


An absolute basic but necessary tip! Make sure to leave room for your subjects’ heads – no one likes seeing their heads chopped off!...

September 29, 2014

Put Yourself in Their Shoes


If filming an event or special occasion, put yourself in the guest of honor’s shoes. What is important to them? What will they want to remember most about this special occasion? Which guests are close friends and relatives? And, so on....

September 15, 2014

Minimize External Sound


Pay attention to background noise when you’re shooting, especially longer shots. They are a lot more distracting on film than in person!...

September 8, 2014

Master the Basics


While it might be tempting to imitate your favorite avante-garde filmographers, you are better off learning how to take consistently good, steady, high quality footage before giving it your own artistic touch....

May 12, 2014

Spring Filming Tip: Optimize the Overcast


When the sun comes out again, it’s tempting to want to spend all your time enjoying it! But remember to get out filming on those overcast days when the light isn’t so harsh and you can capture some great outdoor footage....

April 21, 2014

iPhone Filming Tip: Keep it Snappy!


Smartphones can be great for filming those unexpected moments when you don’t have another camera handy. But remember – keep it quick! Limited storage space and the lower quality of phone cameras should keep you from lengthy...

February 25, 2014

Keep Your Equipment Safe!


If you need to leave equipment unattended in a vehicle in a large city or area with a high crime rate, conceal camera cases and other accessories inside larger sports bags or unmarked bags so that they do not attract attention....