Aligning Selections to Curves

When painting with a selection brush, you can automatically align brushstrokes to a path.

An example of a selection aligned to a curve.

To align selection brushstrokes to a curve

  1. Open or create a document.
  2. Click the Quick Curve tool in the toolbox and drag to create a curve.

Tip: You can also access the Quick Curve tool by pressing Q.

  1. In the Brush Selector panel (Window > Brush Selector Panel), click a brush category, and a choose a brush variant that uses the Selection method.
  2. On the property bar, click Align to Path .
  3. Paint near the curve.

If the brushstrokes are within the tolerance area, they follow the curve; if they are outside the tolerance area, no brushstrokes are applied. Learn how to adjust the tolerance area in the Corel Painter Help.


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