Rainbows change rapidly, so one must move fast to get the best shot. This photo was taken in Newfoundland on an Airstream Caravan. As our group of 60 headed to dinner it was pouring rain, and most members did not take their cameras. I am the eternal optimist, so I took mine and left it in the truck during dinner. We could not see outside as we ate. When we departed about 7:00 p.m. we were amazed at the enchanting view of the harbor with a gorgeous rainbow falling on the tiny fishing village. I rushed to my truck, and with my Canon on auto, I began to shoot. The result was that this photo was selected as “hot pick of the week” last year by PCWorld magazine. Lesson learned: Always take your camera–even in bad weather. And in shooting rainbows, speed is essential, because they change quickly.

Tip Submitted by Jerry Hissong

Jerry’s Bio: I own a home-based business, My Quality Travel Photos. I am basically retired, but I do sell my framed photos at art shows and in my home town. I finally invested in a professional camera–Canon Mark III–last year. I use zoom lenses rather than prime because i enjoy the flexibility they provide.

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