Framing a Shot

Framing a Shot

Sometimes the whole picture isn’t the best picture. Framing a shot to capture only the most interesting or unusual part of an image can help viewers to see even ordinary subjects in a new way. (Remember the famous Pepsi commercial from the 80’s).

Tip provided by Art McMahon
Art’s Bio: I do mostly video work shooting and editing promotional videos for local companies, clubs, schools and organizations. I have also run a video club for the past fourteen years producing everything from CG animations to a feature length movie. Still photography is both a tool and an art form to me.

I started still photography more than forty years ago on a GIF Instamatic and later moved to a 35mm Pentax. Currently I shoot digital on a Canon 60D. I prefer close shots of nature. I frequently use the computer to extensively alter my original images sometimes surprising myself with the results.

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