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Photo Tutorial

How to Create a Bokeh Effect

Learn how to create a Bokeh effect on a regular photo using PaintShop Pro

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Holiday Projects

Get Perfect Family Portraits

Combine the best elements of 2 or more photos using the Photo Blend tool to end up with the perfect family portrait.

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Graphics Tutorial

Create a Holiday Greeting Card

In this written tutorial, you will learn how to create a holiday greeting card in CorelDRAW.

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Digital Art Tutorial

Beginner's Guide to Painter Essentials 5

Get a look at the various tools you can use to create an auto-painting or original piece of art.

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Everything you need to create holiday movies

Get custom music, 3 free templates and FastFlick instant slideshow maker for only $19.99. It's the easiest way to share your holiday photos with family and friends.

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Gift Ideas for Photographers

10 awesome gift ideas, from $18 to $500, for the photographer on your list.

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Creating holiday memories

Capture your children's thoughts and feelings about the holiday season - it will be a great keepsake when they get older!

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Holiday Picture Frames

Get 6 Holiday picture frames for PaintShop Pro for only $9.99!

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Enter our Painter Essentials "FREEZE THE MOMENT" art contest for a chance to WIN a Microsoft Surface Pro and other great prizes! Brought to you by Corel and Intel.

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