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Save Time with Scripts

See how your photos can go from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of seconds! That's the magic of PaintShop Pro scripts.

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What is Ripple Editing?

See how ripple editing can save you time and headaches with your video projects

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Make a Cover Photo

Learn how to make a cover photo for Facebook

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new videostudio tutorials

This series of free tutorials will teach you how to import and trim video, how to add music and transition effects, how to create screen captures and voice overs, and much more!

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5 Stunning Summer Photos

Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of our favorite summer photos.

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Painter Shortcuts

Want to optimize your Painter experience? Click through to learn more about handy shortcuts for Painter X3!

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iPhone Photo Tip

The rule of thirds is a fundamental concept in photograph, and the iPhone makes it easy. So keep the grid on until you have trained yourself to see the world in thirds.

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eBook Special

Color and light are the basic building blocks of any photograph. In this eBook you will learn how to use both to make your photos look great!

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Create Stunning High Key and Low Key Photo Effects

with our new Light and Color scripts for PaintShop Pro

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