Join in the Dolly Parton Challenge with a Free Template

By now you have probably seen the #dollypartonchallenge meme. It started with the famous singer posting an image on Instagram with four photos in a grid showing her different looks for the different social media platforms.

Dolly Parton Challenge Template

It didn’t take long for this to become a viral sensation, with many celebrities posting their own versions. And now you can too! Here’s a free PaintShop Pro template to make it even easier – just download the template, add your best images and share on social media.

Download Template

This PaintShop Pro template uses masks to define each of the 4 grids. Drag and drop your photo directly into the Layers palette and then use the Pick tool to resize and reposition it within the mask area. The mask will keep your photo contained to the proper square on the grid, and prevent it from overlapping your other photos.

Tinder not your thing? We have an optional layer where you can quickly switch to Twitter instead. In the Layers palette, click on the Visibility (eye) icon to turn on or off the Tinder and Twitter names.

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