Free photo frame – grunge snowflake

Create a funky winter scene with this free picture frame!

Do you have photos of winter landscapes, kids playing in the snow, or other such scenes? Add a funky grunge look with this free photo frame. The Grunge Snowflake photo frame is from our Snow and Ice Picture Frames collection and adds a snowflake border and snow textured overlay. And if you like this frame, check out the other frames in this collection. These frames come in 2 different formats: .pspFrame files for PaintShop Pro users, and transparent PNG files that can be used in any photo editing or graphic design software that supports transparencies and layers.

Download your free snowflake photo frame

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  1. concreteblonde57 says

    When downloading freebies such as frames or overlays, in what specific folders do you put these jpeg or png files so you can use them in your current version of PSP?

    • Adam says

      Hello concreteblonde57,

      You can find the Picture Frames folder in your Documents folder! Specifically, they can be found in Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\(version number)\Picture Frames. The same folder that contains the Picture Frames folder also contains the other content folders, such as Scripts, Textures, Masks, Gradients, and more.

      Hope this helps,
      Discovery Center Team


    As to saving / finding FRAMES in the reply to concreteblonde57. By ‘Documents’ does this apply to C:\drive Documents? I can’t find anything there in my PC. help please.


    Hi there, in C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\2021, I’ve found the Picture Frames folder but it is empty. I have download a frame from the website but saved it elsewhere. Do I need to save it to the folder that is empty to be able to find it in PSP Workspace?

    • Adam says

      Hello Pearl,

      Yes, by default that is where new frames should be copied in order to add them. You can also view the current file locations for all additional content from File > Preferences > File Locations. This will open a window with the current locations, and also gives options to add additional folders for PaintShop pro to scan for content! You can also move and remove file locations from here if needed.

      Also, PaintShop only checks for new content on launch – once you are done adding content be sure to restart PaintShop if it is running so that you can use it!

      Discovery Center Team

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