Create something amazing with the help of these Fall and Halloween-themed tutorials, blog posts and free creative content.

Photo Editing Tutorials

Enhancing Fall Photos

The colors of Fall make for striking images and using PaintShop Pro’s different tools and features will help you turn even the dullest photo into a rich masterpiece. This tutorial will show you a few different techniques for enhancing Fall images in PaintShop Pro.

Halloween Photo Effects

Learn how to turn your ordinary photos into haunting images with these fun and easy Halloween photo effects using a few simple PaintShop Pro tools.

Make a Haunted House Collage

This fun photo editing tutorial will show you how to make a creative haunted house project while teaching you about using layers. Learn about photo effects, transparencies, using Picture Tubes and more!

Make a Pumkin Carving Stencil

Take your pumpkin-carving skills to the next level this Halloween by using a photo of yourself or a friend to create a pumpkin-carving stencil. Learn how to convert your photo to black and white, boost the contrast and change it to a negative image.

Give yourself Vampire Fangs

Turn yourself into a vampire this Halloween with this short tutorial on how to add fangs to a portrait tutorial in less than 2 minutes! All you need is the Warp brush in PaintShop Pro to create this effect.

Photography Ideas

Blog: How to Photograph Fall Colors

Professional photographer Blair Gable shares some tips and tricks to help you capture some spectacular shots of all the beauty and color that Fall has to offer.

Blog: Fall Photo Shoot Ideas

Fall is a fantastic time to experiment with new photography techniques, backdrops, locations and poses. Here are some creative photo shoot ideas to inspire you!

Blog: Spooky Halloween Photo Ideas

Pretty soon, the streets will be filled with ghosts, goblins and glittery fairies.  So, get your camera ready for all of the creative photo ops! Here are some great examples to inspire you.

FREE Creative Content

Autumn Clipart Mini-pack Vol. 2

New for 2020! Includes 30 Autumn images in transparent PNG format.

Halloween Clipart Mini-pack

New for 2020! Includes 40 Halloween-themed images and badges in transparent PNG format.

Thanksgiving Clipart Mini-pack

Includes 30 Thanksgiving-themed images in transparent PNG format.

Autumn Collage + Clipart

Includes a 4-photo rustic wood collage template and a clipart mini-pack of 20 Autumn-themed images and sayings.

Pumpkin Alphabet

Includes 26 individual letters of the alphabet in transparent PNG format.

Autumn Stickers

Includes 10 Autumn sticker designs in transparent PNG format.

Apple Branch Overlays

With these 2 overlays you can add a “peek-through” effect to your photos and videos. In PNG format with transparent background.

Autumn Overlays

Includes 2 tree branch overlays in PNG format with transparent background.

Autumn Round Frame

Includes 1 photo frame design, available in both PNG and PSP formats.

Halloween Collage Templates

Includes 4 different collage templates, each available in PNG and PSP formats.

Autumn Collage Template

Includes 1 photo collage template, available in PNG and PSP formats.

Autumn Floral Frame

Includes 1 photo frame design, available in both PNG and PSP formats.

Halloween Collage Template

Includes 1 3-photo collage template in PNG format.

Thanksgiving Frame

Includes 1 photo frame in PNG format.

Autumn Leaf Masks

Includes 4 different leaf-shaped masks for PaintShop Pro.

Fall Color Enhancer Script

Includes 1 PaintShop Pro script.

Autumn Leaves Brushes

Includes 2 leaf brush tips for PaintShop Pro.

Digital Art Tutorials

Webinar: Painting a Halloween Image

Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller shares his time-saving tips using some lesser known features of Painter to create a Halloween-themed image.

How to Use the Halloween Brush Pack

Learn how to add some ghostly and ghastly effects to your artwork using the Halloween brush pack for ParticleShop and Painter.

How to Draw a Vampire

Follow along with Painter Master Aaron Rutten as he goes through the steps of drawing a vampire using Painter. Learn how to draw the face using mirror painting, how to sharpen and blend using various brushes and how to add the final details.

How to Draw a Skull

Learn how to draw a skull in this tutorial by Painter Master Aaron Rutten. Start with a grid and basic face-drawing techniques to get the shape, then add detail in mirror mode to keep the face symmetrical, and finish it off with shading and fine detail.

How to Draw a Jack-o-Lantern

Watch as Painter Master Aaron Rutten creates a colorful Halloween Jack-o-lantern, beginning with a simple two-dimensional drawing and gradually adding depth with shading and shadowing.

Creative DIY Projects

Project: DIY Fall Stickers

It’s really easy to turn you own photos into stickers using packing tape. Download the FREE Autumn designs and use them to decorate mugs, bottles, storage jars, and so much more!

Blog: DIY Halloween Decorations

With Halloween right around the corner, you may be getting ready for the ghouls, ghosts and goblins who are about to knock on your door.  Instead of spending a fortune on spooky decor, try these DIY Halloween decorations!

Make a Halloween Card in CorelDRAW

Here’s a fun Halloween project you can do with your kids! In this written tutorial we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of creating a Halloween card using a few spooky clipart images and some really cool CorelDRAW tools.

Autumn Leaves Slideshow Template
Show off your fall photos with the Autumn Leaves slideshow template for VideoStudio, featuring a rustic wood background and colorful animated leaves.

Nightmare Script
With the Nightmare script for PaintShop Pro you can turn your photos into a somber, surreal dreamscape image with just one click.

Halloween Photo Frames
Add some spooky touches to your photos with this collection of 4 picture frames for PaintShop Pro.

Falling Leaves Overlays
These 4 animated video overlays for VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio feature different styles of Autumn leaves that drift, float and swirl gently across your screen.

Fall Scripts Collection
Create colorful fall images and spooky scenes with this collection of PaintShop Pro scripts.

Fall Fancy Slideshow Template
Create a beautiful Autumn slideshow with this VideoStudio template. Watch the leaves fall gently over each slide!

Smoke Overlays
Add an air of mystery or create a smoldering scene with these 4 animated smoke overlays for VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio.

Night Effect Scripts
Create a stunning night scene with these 3 scripts for PaintShop Pro. Includes night sky, full moon and half moon.

Halloween Clipart
Create some spook-tacular Halloween photo projects with this collection of 50 clipart images & sayings.

Autumn Leaves Brushes
Fall is in the air! Enhance your photo projects by adding some swirling, floating leaves with the Autumn Leaves brushes for PaintShop Pro.

Autumn Clipart
Decorate your photos, images, collages and more with this collection of over 100 Autumn clipart images and text.

Post Apocalyptic Fresco Script
Turn your photos into a fresco painting with an eerie, parchment look using this script for PaintShop Pro.