Fall Photoshoot Ideas

Fall is a fantastic time to experiment and try new photoshoot ideas.  The weather is bearable and we seem to have more time as the summer winds down and we haven’t quite hit the Holiday rush. Let’s look at a few fall photoshoot ideas to get things rolling.

Playing in the Leaves

Help your subjects to relive their childhood memories by having them play around in the leaves. Not only will it set a playful mood, it will also relax your subjects and allow for more candid and natural photos. Besides, any excuse to jump in a pile of leaves is a good one!

Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko

Photo by StockSnap

Fun at the Farm

The farm is a perfect backdrop to any fall photoshoot. You’ve got the barn, tractors, horses, bales of hay and so on. To top it off, have your models wear some cowboy boots!

Photo by StockSnap

Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay



Nothing screams “Fall Photos” like pumpkins. Feel free to have your subjects hold them or simply use them as props in the background.

Photo by Dina Uretski

Photo by AlohaHawaii

On the Fence

Try having your subject sit on or lean against an old wooden fence.  This gives a rustic feel to your photo.  A playful option is to have your subject looking through the fence, like in the photo below.

Photo by Kazlova Iryna

Photo by Margarita Kochneva

Apple Picking

This long-time fall tradition is a fun one that will get people interacting with one another and allow for more candid photos.  Bonus: you may be able to take home a baskets of apples!  Extra bonus: you may get a little cutie in your basket like in the photo below!

Photo by Yukal Liudmyla


In the Fall, the sun doesn’t get as high in the sky, which means less daylight. Shadows become more prevalent, even midday. Experimenting with shadows is a great way to make the most of Fall lighting for creative photos.

Photo by Impact Photography

And sometimes photographing shadows is just plain fun!

Photo by Glenn Pearson


Take advantage of those imaginative costumes and use them in your photoshoots. Costumes may help your shy subjects come out of their shell and will always make for great photographic keepsakes.

Photo by Yuganov Konstantin

Photo by Pexels

Good luck! And don’t forget to share your Fall photography ideas in our Photo Gallery.

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