Creating a color set from an image

Color sets are collections of colors that help you organize and store colors. You can create a custom color set from any image that you like.

Create a custom color set to store all the colors that you need in a current, or future, project. Artwork by Karen Bonaker


To create a color set from an image

1. Open the image that contains the colors that you want to save as a color set.

2. In the Color Set Libraries panel (Window > Color Panels > Color Sets), click the New Color Set button , and choose New Color Set from Image.

3. In the New Color Set dialog box, enter a name.

Tip: Creating clearly named color sets can be very useful. For example, you could name a color set Shades of Purple, Hero Image, My Crayons, or Rollover Buttons — all offering you easy access to recognizable color sets.

4. Specify the maximum number of colors that you want to add to the color set by moving the Max Colors slider.

5. Click OK.

The new color set appears in the Color Set Libraries panel and the last color in the color set is selected as the Main color.

Learn more about working with color sets and creating and exporting color sets in the Corel Painter Help.


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