Painter 2015 Particle Feather Sketch Brush featuring Cher Pendarvis

Painter 2015 Particle Feather Sketch Brush featuring Cher Pendarvis

By Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

In this short tutorial video we’re going to get acquainted with one of the new Particle™ brushes – the Particle Spring Feather Sketch brush created by Cher Pendarvis. Watch as Cher, artist and author of the Painter Wow! books and the Artist Tablet books demonstrates sketching with the Particle Spring Feather Sketch brush. This new brush is sensitive to pressure and to bearing (the direction the pen is pointing), and to velocity or the speed that you draw. If you hold the pen more upright, the brush will draw a narrower line, if you lean or tilt the pen, the line width and feathers will vary. If you draw quickly, more feathers will appear along the stroke. Enjoy sketching with the new Particle Spring Feather Sketch brush!

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