Setting Up Your Color Palette to Paint Bob Ross’ Mystic Mountain

Setting Up Your Color Palette to Paint Bob Ross’ Mystic Mountain

By Karen Bonaker

In this tutorial, Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker will take you through the basics of working with a color set and mixing up sample colors for the variety of elements in the Mystic Mountain scene. You will learn how to import the free Mystic Mountain color set. How to use the color set to add colors to the mixer pad and how to create the hue variations required to make the realistic clouds, trees, river and mountains in the scene

Download the FREE Mystic Mountain color set and mixer pad image.

Tools You Need

Painter 2018 Free Trial

Download a FREE 30-day trial of Painter 2018 and get started on your own Mystic Mountain artwork. Experiment with unlimited art materials, including thick paints, flowing watercolors, and texture-filled media.

Mystic Mountain Brush Pack

Paint just like Bob Ross using this pack that includes everything you need to paint the happy clouds, trees, river and mountains that make up a Mystic Mountain. Endorsed by Bob Ross Inc.©

Painter 2018

Make an effortless transition from traditional to digital art, and accomplish natural, professional results in less time with Painter 2018. Changing what’s possible in art.

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