10 Bridges that Belong on Any Photographer’s Bucket List

From their captivating symmetry to their reflections in the water below to the depth of their vanishing points, bridges are always an exciting subject to photograph. Let’s take a quick trip around the world and check out some of the most inspiring and impressive bridges that any photographer would love to capture. We’ll look at the world’s tallest, the longest and everything in between!

Banpo Bridge – Seoul, South Korea

Built 1980-1982
Total Length: 1,495 m (4,905 ft)

Image by yeon woo lee from Pixabay

Brooklyn Bridge – New York City, USA

Opened May 24, 1883
Total Length: 5,989 ft (1,825.4 m)
Height: 276.5 ft (84.3 m)

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge – Brazil

Opened December 15, 2002
Total Length: 3937 ft (1,200 m)

Image by doloresbarrioslua from Pixabay

Millau Viaduct – Millau-Creissels, France

The tallest bridge in the world!
Built 2001-2004
Total Length: 2460m
Height: 343m

Image by maelledivet from Pixabay

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California

Built 1933-1937
Total Length: 8,981 ft (2,737.4 m)
Height: 746 ft (227.4 m)

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The Helix – Singapore

Built 2005-2010
Total Length: 918 ft (280m)

Image by 7928723 from Pixabay

Nanpu Bridge – Shanghai, China

Opened in 1991
Total Length: 760 metres (2,493 ft)
Height: 134 m (440 ft)

Image by chuyuss from Shutterstock

Rialto Bridge – Venice, Italy

Built 1588-1591
Longest Span: 31.80 metres (104.3 ft)
Height: 7.32 metres (24.0 ft)

Image by Holger Hübner from Pixabay

Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

Built 1923-1932
Total Length: 1,149 m (3,770 ft)
Height: 134 m (440 ft)

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

Tower Bridge – London, UK

Opened May 24, 1883
Total Length: 801 feet (244 m)
Height: 213 feet (65 m)

Image by Pierre Blaché from Pixabay
If you could photograph any bridge in the world, where would you go?  Which bridge would you photograph? Share your photos in our photo gallery!

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  1. Jim Stafford says

    Other bridge suggestions:

    1. Hell Gate Bridge, NY, USA. Steel Arch. 1917.
    2. Tyne Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. Steel Arch. 1928.
    3. Swing Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. 1873.
    4. High Level Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. Two level road/rail Iron Bridge. 1849
    5. Forth Road Bridge, Scotland. Suspension. 1964
    6. Tees Transporter Bridge, Middlesbrough, UK. Gondola Transporter. 1911.

    2, 3, & 4 are adjacent to each other.

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