All-New Project Templates Now Available, Plus Get 3 FREE!


It’s time for Back to School!

To celebrate one of our favorite seasons, we’ve released 50+ all-new Project Templates for PaintShop Pro X9, plus a FREE Back to School 3-pack of templates you can download below!

With your little ones kicking off a new year of learning and fun, now is the perfect time to capture those special moments—and we want to help you show them off in fun and creative ways with a new set of Project Templates.

To help commemorate their big day, we’ve added 15 new Back to School project templates as part of a massive content update that includes over 50 all-new templates for cards, collages, social media, and more – including this adorable First Day of Grade 1 card, available now for download directly in-app.  Give the photo a click to view it in full size.

New to Project Templates? Learn the Basics with this Discovery Center Tutorial!

If you haven’t tried new Project Templates in PaintShop Pro X9 yet, they’re a great starting point for anyone who wants to get creative with their photos, but might not have the time or expertise to start from scratch.

With Project Templates you can leverage the power of layer-based editing for professional-looking compositions in no time. All you need to do and drag your photos/ content from the ‘Organizer’ pallet into the ‘Layers’ pallet, move them into position, and adjust their size to fit the frame—it’s easy!

Photo projects are a great way to get creative, plus your friends and family will love them. So get started today and download your FREE sample pack now! Click the Link Below to Download Your FREE Pack of Back to School Photo Templates

Download Your Templates Now!

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  1. Chuck says

    I’ve been a Paint Shop Pro user for many years. Had 7, 8, 9 and 10 and I’m going to get the new x9 Paint Shop Pro I also had two other Corel programs that I bought a few years back. Can’t remember the names right now but one came with paint and artist programs And yea I’ll take any of the free templet packs you want to send me.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hey Chuck, if you haven’t already, just enter your email in the sign-up box and we’ll send the templates right over. Cheers!

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