3 Basic Capabilities of PaintShop Pro That Make it the Perfect Editing Software for Engineers



Editing photographs can be challenging if you are not familiar with the software you are using. It doesn’t have to be frustrating or difficult though. The features of PaintShop Pro can meet your editing needs without causing you headaches. In a previous article, we discussed some helpful photography tips for engineers. We talked about how to take quality images that you can use to improve your photographs. If you read through both articles we hope you’ll be well informed on how to create effect images for your business needs.

Editing your images doesn’t have to be onerous. Sometimes photo editors use highly technical terms like vectors and raster layers. These terms can seem daunting to the non-pro. It doesn’t have to be this way. Editing software can be convenient and easy to use. PaintShop Pro is an affordable, accessible program. It’s the perfect software for engineers.

Here are our top three reasons for suggesting you try PaintShop Pro.

#1 PaintShop Pro is equipped with many easy to use tools for Photo Documentation

Just like Adobe® Photoshop®, PaintShop Pro contains tools that allow individuals to create annotations on photographs. Use the Pen tool to draw around objects and highlight structural or mechanical issues. PaintShop Pro is compatible with Wacom tablets, so it’s easy to free hand your annotations. You can also use the Shape tools to draw in arrows or boxes that will point out or isolate specific items within a photograph. Try using the Crop tool or Depth of Field to focus in on the main subject. Finally, use the Text tool to easily create short annotations about the items displayed in your images. These notes can be extremely helpful for individuals who have to view and assess certain elements of the images you create.

#1 PaintShop Pro is equipped with many easy to use tools for Photo Documentation

#2 PaintShop Pro contains photo editing tools that will help to improve images without damaging your integrity

If you’re in a rush, use One Step Photo Fix or Smart Photo Fix to automatically make suggestions for enhancing your images. Optimize the clarity of your work with one simple click. Similar to Photoshop, PaintShop Pro includes slider tools that adjust your exposure and ensure clients can clearly view all details within an image.

Similarly, you can use a slider to adjust shadows and highlights. Bring out details in darker or obscured areas of an image.  The Paint Brush tool can be used to blacken out areas of a photo quickly. Hide personal effects from view or remove flaws using the Clone Brush or Object Remover tool. In PaintShop Pro’s Edit workspace, you can use the straightforward layering capabilities to make edits to specific parts of the image without affecting text, exposure or any other edits you’ve made.

#2 PaintShop Pro contains photo editing tools that will help to improve images without damaging your integrity

#3 PaintShop Pro is a cost effective, economical option

Many engineers use PaintShop Pro to annotate and document details on maps. While larger firms may be able to afford complicated and costly programs like ArcGIS, this is not always possible for smaller companies.  PaintShop Pro can be used to draw in flow lines for water drainage or to delineate other details you might want to show.

#3 PaintShop Pro is a cost effective, economical option

One of the biggest bonuses of PaintShop Pro is that it’s subscription free. There’s no need to pay a monthly fee. One simple payment ensures you own the program for perpetuity. Updates are easy to purchase and are reasonably priced.  PaintShop Pro also comes with a comprehensive library of learning tools and tutorials. They are easy to access and understand. They’re perfect for the non-professional editor who needs to know how to complete an action quickly and easily. Finally, PaintShop Pro is available through a variety of flexible licensing options that will meet the needs of all types of engineering firms. We can help to purchase a plan that works for your company.

Explore PaintShop Pro further with our 30-day free trial, or contact the Corel licensing team for a multi-seat trial and licensing quote . It’s all you need to ensure your images are edited and ready for presentation to clients.

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