5 iPhoneographers You Should Know About

Daniel Berman

Daniel Berman founded the Mobile Photo Awards in 2012, though this Canadian should probably be winning awards himself. A photographer, filmmaker, and digital artist Berman’s career is storied like his iPhoneography.

His photos tell the stories of the natural landscapes and the occasional solitary figure. Full of light and colour, you feel like you’re there.

Shadows are minimal, acting as compliments to the rich canvases he shoots. Though sometimes, when the time is right, his photos are almost opaque black, shrouding his subjects in mystery.

Check out his Instagram!

Misho Baranovic

The recent co-founder of the Mobile Photo Network, globetrotting Australian Misho Baranovic has an eye for the wonderful hiding in plain sight.

Taking advantage of the photographers best source of light, the sun, his photos are crystal clear views of the ordinary world but with a fresh perspective.

With his excellent composition he turns simple shapes into fairy-tale landscapes and fantastical situations. He makes cars bleed, dilapidated homes speak, and roads-to-nowhere lead to infinity.

Peek at his Instagram and be transported.


Paula Gardener

“It wasn’t until November 2011 that I realised the true potential and versatility of the iPhone” said Paula Gardener. This London-based mother-of-four and contributing artist to the book The Art of iPhone Photography creates unashamed portraits of people, animals, and things in her world.

Fearlessly pursuing the raw, unrefined contours of her subjects she often strips them of colour, like in her portrait series of young black women.

Able to seemingly bend rays of light to her will, she’s the queen of black-and-white. And when she does add colour, her photos drip like succulent peaches of raw emotion.

Visit her mobile diary here.


Melissa Vincent

Melissa Vincent twirled into iPhoneography in 2011 with her Instagram account. Since then, she’s amassed 300,000 followers with photos of whimsical landscapes.

Weaving beautiful hues into impossible scenes – like riding a bike across a lake – her photos are psychedelic interpretations of the world.

The movement she manages to create in her work is breathtaking. With nature as her color pallet, she takes the vertical lines of trees and folds them into the magenta sky.

Sometime the lack of movement is equally powerful. Hazy skies and cloudy subjects seem to glimmer in eternal silence.

Featured on National Geographic online and the cover of Time Magazine’s First Annual Wireless Issue, Vincent’s work will take you away.


Phillipe Gonzalez

Started in 2011, the Instagrammers website is the child of Spanish photographer Phillipe Gonzalez. Today, Instagrammers is an international community for mobile photographers, with Gonzalez’s own shots populated by the silhouettes of his compatriots.

Many of his photos are awash with gorgeous back-lighting that highlights the human form against stark, muted backgrounds. They look like the world in negatives.

Other photos paint an opposite universe, with brilliantly colored graffiti serving as backdrop for sunny portraits as his subjects move or jump. Yet even in these, shadows are always tucked into the background stalking their owners.

Take a look at Gonzalez’s Instagram to see the magic he casts across the land, creating worlds inhabited by both dazzling light and haunting shadow.

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