5 Stunning Summer Photos

Are you exploring photography this summer and looking for inspiration? Check out these images of beautiful summer moments taken by amateur photographers – if they can do it, so can you!

Copy of John Vergara - Mt. Pulag

This image was taken by John Vergara of Mt. Pulag in the Philippines. Definitely a view worth capturing!

Copy of SM- Annie Slaby - St Laurent st MTL

This photo of St. Laurent Street in Montreal, Canada is a perfect memory of sunny summer days in the city.

Copy of Aleksys Pat - Mt. Pinatubo

Aleksys Pat makes Mt. Pinatubo a must-see destination with this stunning shot!

Copy of Emily Fulford - butterfly

Emily Fulford’s close up shot of a butterfly reminds us to stop and smell the flowers – who knows who else is doing the same thing!

Copy of Aris Chen - island and rocks
Aris Chen’s shot of an island and rocks is a great shot capturing the joys of exploring in the summer!

If these photos have made you want to take a second look at your summer shots, check out this tutorial on touching up summer photos to get the most out of your shots. Most importantly, get outside and make the most of the good weather! Happy shooting!

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