AfterShot Pro 3 Arrives: Get Better Looking Photos, Faster!


Today, I’m excited and proud to announce the release of AfterShot Pro 3available right now at and coming soon to resellers like B&H and Amazon.

In ASP3, you’ll find some big changes under the hood that will elevate your photo workflow by helping you get better images, faster.  Recover more detail in blown-highlights than ever before with our all-new highlight recovery algorithm. Shave time off your workflow with all-new time-saving tools, like advanced watermarking and layer-based Blemish Correction. Plus get modular camera updates, plugins and presets more delivered dynamically, directly in-app.

According to industry experts at Deloitte, an estimated 2.5 trillion photos will be shared or stored online in 2016, a 15% increase over the year before. And those are just the ones that make it to the Web… How many more are on our hard drives?

AfterShot Pro 3 is built on industry-leading performance, adding features that help photographs get through today’s overwhelming volume of photos quickly, and with amazing results. For the pro-shooter, time is money. And enthusiasts… we fight just to carve out a little time for our hobbies, am I right? You dream of capturing that perfect shot… not a day-long marathon of importing, cataloging, editing, and exporting a memory card full of images.

We want you to spend more time with your camera, not your computer. AfterShot Pro is fast—on average 4x faster than Lightroom—but that’s nothing new. From its inception, AfterShot Pro (and its predecessor, Bibble) has been designed to leverage multicore processing to deliver top notch performance. And having the choice to work without catalogs doesn’t hurt our speed either!

With this release, the AfterShot Pro team focused on delivering all-new ways to save you time and speed up your workflow—and we’re talking about more than just pure processing horsepower. AfterShot Pro 3 brings fundamental improvements to image quality with our new Highlight Recovery algorithm, adds built-in watermarking, and introduces an entirely new way to dynamically update content in AfterShot Pro 3, so you can get more camera profiles, more plugins, and more presets directly in-app.

Ready to explore for yourself? It’s free to try for 30 days, so download AfterShot Pro 3 now or keep reading to find out more about what’s new!

What’s New in AfterShot Pro 3

ASP 3 Highlight Recovery-smallNEW | Highlight Recovery Algorithm

With an all-new algorithm under the hood, the enhanced Highlight Recovery Range slider now rescues more detail and tones from overexposed RAW images, delivering superior image quality.

NEW | Comprehensive Watermarking

Protect your photos online and promote your work with advanced watermarking abilities. Apply watermarks to individual photos or batches, plus easily adjust size, rotation angle, position, transparency and more.

New Blemish CorrectionNEW | Blemish Removal & Correction

Save time and edit faster by performing more non-destructive, layer-based touchups and corrections directly in AfterShot Pro 3, without exporting your image to a second editor like Photoshop or PaintShop Pro.


Get More - Cameras, Plugins, Presets-smallNEW | In-App Preset Library

Get access to a library of free and premium photo presets, regularly updated and hand-picked by the Corel Photo Team. Reproduce popular editing looks with the power of our included presets or apply them as a starting point and adjust to create your own. You can also share your creations with the community.

NEW | Dynamic & Modular Camera Profile Updates

AfterShot Pro 3 now has the ability to deliver new and updated RAW profiles faster than ever before. With the modular delivery system, as soon as a new camera profile is created by our development team it’s made available for download directly in-app—no more waiting for the next update to support your new camera.

NEW & ENHANCED | Plugin Development & Download Availability

The new in-app Plugin Manager finds and installs plugins in a flash. Extend any workflow with free plugins from the community, discover premium plugins (like the popular GradFilter Pro), and get the latest plugin updates all in one convenient place. Plus, plugin-developers can leverage our unique RAW-level plugin API and toolkit to build pro-quality plugins to tap into the full power of AfterShot’s processing pipeline.

Got Feedback? Tell Us What You Think

Once you’ve upgraded to AfterShot Pro 3 and taken some time to explore, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experience. AfterShot Pro wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for the passionate and dedicated members of the Corel Photo community around the globe.

Your feedback helps us improve AfterShot Pro. We are always listening.

Get in touch with us directly in-app using the in-app Feedback button, visit us to report bugs and suggest features, or even comment down below! I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. Andy Hills says

    Really pleased to see this great software has been updated. One question: Does it work with Fuji RAF files created on a Fuji X-E2 with the V4 firmware update? Aftershot 2.4 does not support them and I haven’t been able to use it since my camera was updated.
    Oddly Lightroom does support them and did from the day the firmware was updated, but I don’t like Lightroom!

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hey Andy, thanks for letting us know. I’ll check in on that particular profile for you with our dev team. If a fix is needed, we’ll get an update out as soon as we can through the new dynamic profile updater. Hang tight and we’ll get you fixed up! If you have the ASP3 trial installed, you can also provide feedback to our dev team, right in-app, using the new Feedback button. Thanks again, Andy.

      • Andy Hills says

        Hi Alex,
        Thanks for replying. I have tried to download ASP3, but the link only downloads an ASP2 installation file (asp2_seo.exe). Can you get the link corrected, or post a new link here please?

        • Alex Brazeau says

          Hey Andy, apologies for leaving you hanging here. Can you tell me which link you were clicking on to still see ASP2? If it’s still happening, I’ll get the team on it right away. Thanks.

      • Andy Hills says

        Hi Alex,
        I found the download using a different set of links eventually. The original one has now been fixed. I’m really pleased to tell you that I can use Fuji RAF files now.

  2. Peter Marxen says

    which Revision of Perfectly Clear is part of Aftershot Pro 3? Is Beautify (Part of rev. 2) available?

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Peter, sorry about that. The version of Perfectly Clear in ASP3 includes the one-click image correction for which they’re best known. In just a single click, Perfectly Clear makes as many as 20 automatic corrections. A more feature-filled version is also available on Athentech’s website, and includes the beautification tools you mention. Hope this helps!

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