ASP3 Adds Canon 1D X Mk II & New ‘Dreamy’ Presets

Are you ready for two all-new additions AfterShot Pro? You can get them right now from the Get More tab right in-app!

Once again, we’re back with another all-new profile ready for you to download instantly in-app with the Canon 1D X Mk II. In addition to this great new camera, we’ve also added the all-new ‘Dreamy’ preset pack featuring 35 presets that will give your photos a light, soft, airy look with just a single click.

The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

We’re excited to officially announce support for Canon’s latest flagship — the 1D X Mark II.

The king of Canon’s full-frame lineup is nothing but legendary.

Until recently, a single camera body that conquered every photographic situation could be difficult to come by, but with the 1D X you can shoot it all. With its 20MP sensor, paired with dual DIGIC 6+ image processors… plus most of the bells and whistles you’d expect to find on a flagship in this range… the Canon 1D X will make sure your next high-action shot is a winner.

Learn more about Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II here; or, if you already own it, download the profile from the in-app Get More tab, restart AfterShot Pro and get to processing your Canon 1D X CR2s right now!

Discover 35 All-New ‘Dreamy’ Presets

Also new to the in-app Get More tab in AfterShot 3 is the ‘Dreamy’ preset pack. It’s great for adding an angelic-look to wedding, engagement and family photos.

With this pack, you can choose from 35 different presets, including  Idyllic, Lofty, Florence, Arcadian, Mist and variations on each, to inject some fantasy, romance or intrigue, into your shots  that could use a bit more magic or glow.

Performing batch actions with presets is a great way to gain consistency in your shoot and speed-up  your workflow. Presets also provide an editorial springboard from where you can chase the specific effect you’re after. Why not download Dreamy Preset Pack next time you’re editing wedding, engagement, or family photos — or a shoot where a soft, magical look is what you’re going for?

Grab the ‘Dreamy’ preset pack from the Get More Tab in the AfterShot Pro 3 / AfterShot 3 and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We’d love to see your Dreamy photos too!

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