Discover Six New Preset Packs for AfterShot Pro!

Discover Six New Preset Packs for AfterShot Pro!

The Corel Photo Team is excited to introduce six new Preset Packs for AfterShot 3 & AfterShot Pro 3! Image presets can quickly and easily be applied to enhance and even transform your photos with a simple click. Whether you’re going for a professional masterpiece, a trendy original or just looking for a simple edit, presets can do it all. Have a look at the new packs available and click on the images below to get a closer look.

You can find these new preset packs in the Get More section right in AfterShot Pro 3, or visit our downloads page to get presets, camera profiles and more.

Haven’t tried presets before? Check out this quick tutorial and see just how easy it is to install and use AfterShot Pro preset packs.

Instantaneous Moment Presets Pack

If you’re an Instagrammer, the Instantaneous Moment Pack is a must. The pack includes Trolly, Stonecrest, Nebula, Cobble, and Cliburn that will give your photos that trendy Insta-look.

Lollipop Presets Pack

The Lollipop Pack will give your photos a fresh and vibrant pop of color including Zest, Tang, Tart, Polar, and Flare.

Nighttime Presets Pack

If you tend to take photos at night or in a darker, low-lit environment, the Nighttime Pack is for you. Choose from 5 presets in the pack including Recital, Moon River, Eclipse, Drive, and Arabica. Each of which will have a different effect of your dimly lit photos.

Summer Presets Pack

The Summer Pack will strengthen your photos taken outdoors in bright summer sunlight. The pack includes Westfalia, Tiki, Sherbert, Popsicle, and Bayside.

Spring Presets Pack

Have fun adding a modern but natural glow to your photos with the Spring Pack which includes Windmill, Sprout, Otter, Marigold, and Grasshopper.

All Seasons Bundle

In the mood for a great value pack? Try out the All Seasons bundle! This is a 4-set preset pack including Summer Pack, Spring Pack, Winter Pack, and Autumnal Pack, all in one for a total of 20 presets! Experiment with this bundle to give your photos a seasonal feel.

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  • Ashley Jacobs Reply

    I have never used AfterShot before but after discovering its incredible features i am surely going to use it.

    November 14, 2017 at 4:40 am

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