Canon 5D Mk IV Now Supported in AfterShot Pro 3


One of the most frequent requests we’ve heard from AfterShot community members over the last few months has been a desire to see support for the Canon 5D Mk IV

And today — as 20,000+ photographers descend upon NYC for Photo Plus Expo 2016 — we’re excited to announce the release of the Canon 5D Mk IV profile in AfterShot Pro 3!

The Canon 5D Mark IV in AfterShot Pro 3

The 5D series is one of the most popular lines of DSLRs ever produced and the new 5D Mark IV is no exception. Canon has added some notable improvements this time around that will definitely make sure this one remains a top choice for photographers who want the ultimate in versatility—from weddings to landscapes, portraits and even video, the 5D Mk IV has got you covered.

In this latest update Canon’s all-rounder, you get a 30.4 megapixel full-frame sensor, 61-point autofocus system plus Dual CMOS autofocus, the DIGIC 6+ image processor, onboard Wi-Fi, GPS and even a touchscreen! Seriously… there’s a lot. And it shoots 4K video too (if that’s your kind of thing)!

Have you been shooting on the Canon 5D Mk IV yet?

New Sampler Preset Pack

Alongside the new Canon profile, we’ve also got another pack of presets ready for you!

If you’ve been on the fence about checking out one of our preset packs, now’s the time to get on board with the all-new Sampler Pack. In this new collection, you get 10 presets, one sample from each of the following packs: Portrait, Black-and-White, Street Cred, Street Cred II, Street Cred III, Sepia, Tinted Sunglasses, Wedding, Cinematic, and Filmarillion.

Try applying these presets to your photos for a quick edit or as an easy starting point to get just the right look. You can get a quick peek at the Sampler preset pack below, then fire up ASP3 to add it directly to the app, or download from the AfterShot Resources page.

Enhanced Support for the Pentax K3-II

On top of the new presets and Canon 5D Mark IV, we’ve also added enhanced support for the Pentax K3-II. With this updated profile, AfterShot Pro 3 now supports .PEF files generated by the K3-II in addition to the in-camera DNG files. This updated profile is also available now for direct download in-app or on the AfterShot Resources page.

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