5 Reasons Your Business Needs PaintShop Pro

Hey, quick question… Does the company you own or work for edit or work with digital images at all?

Alright, silly question—of course it does!

Whether you’re an engineer who’s focused on photo documentation as a core part of your daily activities, a web-savvy digital marketer designing attention-grabbing graphics to drive online conversions, or anyone in between who’s got a need for working with digital images, you’ll need a little help from some photo editing software to get the job done.

*OK, STOP*…  Name the first photo editor that comes to mind… I’ll take a shot in the dark and guess you said Photoshop. Am I right?  Let’s be honest… people use it in place of the verb “to photo edit” these days, so I can’t say I’m surprised (or offended, haha!) if you did.

But just because a product is a household name or the standard among professional photographers, does that really mean it’s the right fit for you and your business needs?

Truth is, Photoshop’s got so much built-in for so many different people, it’s actually a lot more than your business will ever need… and it shows when your monthly bill comes in. And those free guys? Well, pretty much the opposite. The price sounds right, but dig a little deeper and you’ll often discover restrictions and limitations.

So, if you’re ready to forget Photoshop get ready to discover 5 reasons why your business needs PaintShop Pro. And be sure you get all the way down to #1—you might be surprised with what you learn!

5. All the Photo Editing Tools You Need… None You Don’t

Need to get your photos ready for your website, a new social media, or the latest company newsletter?

From basic editing tasks like resize, crop, straighten, red eye removal, and black & white conversion to more advanced actions like changing a background, replacing and removing objects, spot cloning and blemish removal, sharpening, blur tools—I could go on, but I think you get it—PaintShop Pro delivers everything your business needs to edit and adjust photos without packing in a bunch of tools your business will probably never need, like 3D rotoscoping for animation (no hard feelings animators… we love what you do, but we’re pretty focused on making photo editing easier!)

4. Tell Your Story with Layers and Text

Every day we come across thousands of messages that use visuals to convey a message—just look at the rapid rise of gifs and memes as forms of communication over the last few years.

As a modern communicator or marketer, tell your organization’s story with powerful images.  Get creative with layers by stacking and combining photos, clip art objects and text to create professional quality ads, business cards, or magazine and e-book covers.

And for all you digital marketers out there, take complete control of the images you add to your blog, the layout of your next infographic, or design engaging social media graphics for your next Facebook and Twitter campaigns without limitations. The possibilities are endless!

3. Easy Screen Capture and Vector Mark-Up

Find yourself more on the technical side of things with a day-to-day that calls for something a little more functional, like marking up images, drawing up diagrams, creating training content, or illustrating reports?

Use PaintShop Pro’s Screen Capture to snag an image of your screen, then bring it right into the Edit workspace to quickly and easily mark it up or highlight a specific area with an array vector drawing tools to help make your point with lines, arrows, Bezier curves, vector shapes and more. I used PaintShop Pro to grab all the shots for this article!

2. Manage Your Entire Image Library

From our local hard disks to network drives and beyond, we store our photos everywhere. And keeping track of and organizing these collections is becoming increasingly time consuming.

With PaintShop Pro’s Manage tab, you get a complete overview of all images stored on your machine, a connected network drive, or any removable storage. New photos added to an indexed folder will automatically appear in PaintShop Pro—no need to import your new photos every time.

And don’t rely on a separate app to track and organize your photo collection. With the Manage tab, you have the ability to add multiple keywords to the metadata of your photos, making it a whole lot easier to hunt down that one specific image you know is in your collection somewhere. Just type in a keyword and see only those images that have been tagged with that word.

1. Pay Less & Still No Subscriptions!

Paying a fee every month might make sense for SaaS companies that provide with you valuable business insights, but paying a fee every month just to access your photo software? No thank you.

Renting software isn’t exactly our favorite model… so you won’t find it here. Buy PaintShop Pro once and it remains yours—and don’t pay again until you decide to upgrade.

So how does that make a difference for you and your business?

Well, you could pay US$360 for a single-seat license each and every year to borrow Photoshop and get way more than your business will ever possibly need or use, or you could go with PaintShop Pro and its complete photo editing and design suite and get exactly the tools you need at a price that’s better suited to your bottom line, starting at just US$63.99 for licensing customers.

See what’s new in PaintShop Pro 2023!

Download your FREE 30-day trial and make every shot your best shot with PaintShop Pro 2023, your all-in-one photo editing and design software.

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  1. Vince says

    Wha can I say? I totally agree with that! Using PSP for years now and everything I need is inside. I just bought the Topaz Suite and I got all I need.

    • Hakan says

      Totally agree too. And if you don’t pay, you’re files are lost forever. Also, the PS user interface is way too messy. I’ve used PSP for many many years, and it’s still easily worked. Maybe those who does photography for a living and are dependent on income for this can use PS. They can afford it. It is a huge amount of money for me, who just edit a couple of hundred pics per year.

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