DIY Wedding Videography: Part 3

Welcome to this last installment of our three-part blog series on DIY Wedding Video Production.  In part one, we gave you a comprehensive list of the equipment you will need. In part two, we went over our top 10 helpful hints for shooting the video footage. And now we’ll move on to the editing stage. This is where you can have fun combining your creativity and video editing skills to make a unique wedding video perfectly suited for the happy couple.

If you are new to video editing, never fear! We have everything you need here at the Discovery Center, including a 30-day free trial of VideoStudio Pro and tons of helpful tutorials to get you started. And we’ll start you off with some helpful tips:

1. Create a folder on your computer just for the wedding video production.

2. Import the footage you shot into the editing software. Need help? Watch our tutorial on importing videos

3. Cut the footage on the timeline into sections. Here is a list of key events that can translate into sections:

  • wedding party getting ready
  • guests arriving and wedding party entering
  • special moments in the ceremony (vows, I do’s, readings, rings, first kiss, etc.)
  • informal guest interviews
  • speeches
  • cutting the cake
  • first dance
  • bouquet toss
  • wedding party and guests enjoying the reception
  • departure of the happy couple

4. Each section will be a chapter in the final production. By editing them one section at a time, it will also make the task seem less daunting.

Watch our tutorial on timeline editing

5. Backup your work on and off your computer – this is not the time for a virus to wipe out your files. Note: Video editor project files generally do not save the video clips; they simply point to it on your computer’s hard drive.  In order to protect your work, you need to back up the original raw footage as well as the project.

6. Get a copy of the music used during the wedding. This can be used, if synced up correctly, to boost the quality of the sound in the video.

Watch our tutorial on adding music to your video

7. Save a list of the names of all those who were in the wedding party – these can be used as ending credits.

8. Create a title screen to open each chapter, this will make it clear what takes place when the viewer’s skip to various chapters when they’re looking for a particular moment.

Watch our tutorial on adding titles

9. Add some transition effects between cuts. This will make the video look classy and professional, and give it some added visual interest.

Watch our tutorial on adding transitions

10. Last but not least, be realistic when committing to a date when you will deliver the finished video. Give yourself enough time so that you can let your creativity guide you and have fun during the process!

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