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The Christmas and New Year holidays seem to vanish before we’ve had time to digest the food and, pretty soon, everything’s back to just how it was—albeit in the biting cold!

Well here’s the good news. We have something to alleviate the winter blues with the release of new winter project templates in Paintshop Pro X9. These templates provide an ideal way to spread the love by bringing back the warmth and cheer to those around you. Send a snowy greeting card or photo collage to your loved ones, or update your Facebook cover image to share your enthusiasm for winter with all your friends.

Jump into PaintShop Pro, choose New from Template’ from the File menu, and click on the ‘What’s New’ icon. Here you will find a handful of new, free and for-purchase project templates that celebrate winter, Chinese New Year, and more.  

Beat the Blues with New Winter Templates for Facebook

Is there really a more effective way than social media to communicate your thoughts and ideas? No, we didn’t think so either. That’s why Paintshop Pro X9 has just added some brand new Facebook templates for January.

The new cover image templates let you express how you feel about winter and what you like to do to celebrate it. You’re bound to have a few great photos that will convey this perfectly to your Facebook friends, so choose a winter template to customize your profile!

Create and update your Facebook cover image in four simple steps

Using the new ‘Chilly Weather’ Facebook template, we’ll show you in just a few easy steps how to craft a personalized winter collage as your new profile cover image.

Step 1: Find and download your FREE template

In the Edit Workspace, go to File > New From Template, and choose What’s New from the categories on the left hand side of the Template dialog box. Select ‘Winter Banner 02’.  Click the Download button and watch it until the button says Installed. Then choose OK, and the template will automatically open in PaintShop Pro, ready to use.


Step 2: Open the images you want to use

Now that you have your template open and ready to go, it’s time to find and open the images you want to add to it. First, make sure you see an organizer tray sitting at the bottom of your screen. Shift+F9 will toggle the Organizer Palette on and off, or you can go to View>Palettes>Organizer to show or hide the tray.

Click on the Show/Hide Navigation icon on the top right of the organizer tray to expose your computer’s file tree, and navigate to the folder where the images you plan to use are stored. Simply clicking on the folder will populate your organizer tray with all the folder’s images.


Step 3: Add an image to your template  

In your Layers palette located on the right of your screen, drag and drop the one of your images in your Organizer tray directly below the layer titled ‘Drag image 1 below this mask’. You will now see your image in your template.


Step 4: Resize and reposition your image

Select the Pick Tool ‘pick tool’ from the Tools Toolbar on the left of your screen and ensure that Scale is the selected mode in the Pick toolbar across the top. Use your mouse wheel, or Num –, to zoom out until you can see a box, indicating where your photo is sitting behind the template.  With your cursor, drag the corners of this box toward the center until you can see most of your image inside the template frame. Scroll in or use Num + to enlarge the template, then hold the Pick Tool directly over the center of your image, and drag it around to position it to your liking.  


Step 5: Repeat the process to add your next photo

Now that your first photo is placed and looking great, repeat step 4, only this time, drop it under the layer titled ‘Drag image 2 below this mask.’ Position your second image as explained in step 5 and you’re all done!


Step 6: Upload to Facebook

Adding the template to Facebook is easy. First save your template to your computer as a JPEG or PNG, using File>Save As. Then log into your Facebook account, click on your name across the top of Facebook, next to the Home button. Click the camera icon on the top left of your existing cover image, and then click Update Cover Photo. Choose Upload Photo and then navigate to your saved photo and open it. Reposition your photo if needed and then choose Save Changes. Voila! Your new Chilly Winter template fits perfectly.


Try it yourself!

Take a look at the new winter Facebook templates along with others from the January collection. Why not download the ‘Chilly Winter’ Facebook template for FREE and follow along with this tutorial to keep the winter cheer going amongst family and friends—even though the holiday festivities have passed. If you don’t already own PaintShop Pro X9, simply download a free trial and follow steps 1 through 6!

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