Is iPhone Photography Right for You?

Are you thinking about getting into photography? Or are you tired of having to carry around all kinds of extra heavy baggage when you want to go out shooting? iPhone photography (or iPhoneography) offers you the chance to shoot whenever, wherever you may be, using nothing other than the small portable device you’ve always got in your pocket – your smartphone!

As the quality of smartphone cameras improve, more and more people are talking about the possibilities of smartphone photography. All you need to do is search online to find great tips, tutorials, apps and inspiration for making the switch from big bulky DSLR or analog cameras to the convenience of using your smartphone as your primary camera. Here are a few reasons why mobile photography could be right for you.


An awesome shot from iPhone photographer extraordinaire Blair Gable. 

1. Cost

Whether you are using DSLR or analog, good quality cameras have always been very expensive. Plus, you need to consider all the extra accessories you might need! Why not use the investment you have already made? Your smartphone! If you’ve already invested in a smartphone, then you’ve already purchased a convenient, quality camera that is always in your pocket.

2. Convenience

This goes without saying –  few people leave home without their smartphones. You are ready to shoot at a moment’s notice without worrying about having your gear with you. This is great for travel, adventure photography, or even capturing those priceless everyday moments when you might not have time to set up a tripod. Plus, the ability to instantly delete the shots you do not like means you won’t have to spend hours scrolling and choosing the best shots to edit.

3. Who are your subjects?

As photography social media, like VSCO Cam and Instagram, gain popularity, more and more people are moving away from only photographing special moments to capturing the beauty of the everyday. When you are a proficient smartphone photographer, every moment can be an opportunity to capture and share the exceptional sights you might not otherwise take the time to shoot.

4. Simplicity

While the quality of your smartphone camera can yield professional results, it is also a great beginner’s tool for people who want to get experience taking photos without making a big investment. With the possibility of downloading apps to take your photos to the next level, your smartphone offers you the chance to get started with a simple camera while you figure out what kind of photographer you want to be. You can shoot, edit, and upload all on the go, with one tool that fits in the palm of your hand. Check out this article giving you a head start on the five must-have apps for smartphone photography.

5. Sharing

Your combined camera and photo editor does not have to stop there! There are more and more opportunities to share your work with friends, family, and other photographers. With apps like Facebook and Instagram that allow you to upload your favorite shots in moments, there is no longer any need to get out the projector to impress the people in your life. Mobile photographer Jonathon Reed can provide you with some ideas for how to excel in the world of social media with your photography.

The result of all of these factors means that you can reduce cost, lose the extra baggage and increase your opportunities for experimenting with taking photos – pretty appealing for all of us who have been hesitant to plunge into the world of photography! With tons of learning material available for increasing your skill and technical ability, you can move from beginner to advanced photography without the cost and pain previously reserved for professionals.

Convinced yet? Check out some of our other blog posts on iPhone photography, as well as our iPhone photography tutorials to learn more and get some new skills and ideas. What’s stopping you? This is your chance to join the ranks of smartphone photographers.

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