Say Hello to the Pentax K-S2, Now in AfterShot Pro 3


Are you ready? Because we’ve got another new camera rolling out to AfterShot Pro 3!

We’re thrilled to officially announce support for the Pentax KS-2 , now available for download directly in AfterShot Pro 3 and AfterShot 3.

What’s so great about the K-S2? Let me break down just a few of the top highlights of this awesome DSLR from Pentax… Inside, you you’ll find a 20.1 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, an 11-Point AF Sensor with 9 Cross-Type points, an ISO range up to 51200, plus built-in WiFi and NFC. On the outside, you get a 3″ variable angle screen to setup that perfect shot and there’s even a bundle that includes 2 kit lenses to help get you started.

You can check out a full list of cameras we’ve added since the launch of ASP3, or learn more about the Pentax K-S2 from our friends at B&H.

Try the NEW K-S2 RAW Profile

To access this profile, just fire up AfterShot or AfterShot Pro 3 and click on the Get More tab (look for the big red star on the right side of your screen). Just download the file you need and ASP3 takes care of the rest. Plus — for the first time ever — Linux users can now access the AfterShot Resources page from directly in-app too. Just look for the new Get More menu and give it a try!

Don’t have your own Pentax K-S2 just yet, or sitting on the fence about picking one up?

Give our latest profile a try using the RAW images in the gallery we’ve linked to from our friends at!

Download Pentax K-S2 RAW Sample Images  (source:

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  1. Peter says

    Thats a nice move… But it would be real cool, if Pentax K-70 *.PEF files would also get support.
    I tried to open some with the trial version of corel aftershot pro 3 but not A chance…

    • Adam says

      Hello Peter,

      Thank you for the feedback! We are always on the lookout for which lenses our customers are using so that we can prioritize adding support for them.

      We don’t have anything to announce regarding our next update just yet, but we can confirm that these lenses have been added to the AfterShot team’s list for their consideration.

      All the best,
      Corel Discovery Center Team

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