New RAW Profiles Available for Leica and Panasonic!



Hi AfterShot Pro users,

We are pleased to announce we have just released 5 new camera profiles for AfterShot Pro 3 and AfterShot 3, including:

  • Panasonic FZ300, FZ330

  • Panasonic FZ2000, FZ2500

  • Leica Q (Type 116)

All you need to do is download the FREE camera profiles from the Get More tab in-app. Then just restart AfterShot and you’ll be on your way. For Linux users, visit our Downloads page to download these and other camera profiles.

Happy editing!

The Photo Team

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  1. Yves CHAUMETTE says


    Just a question from an old aftershot pro user (since bibble…): is it possible to have a Raw profile for the Pentax KP which is not a so new boddy?
    I just bought one ans shall be very sorry to have to switch my sofware.

    Thank you for your help.

    Yves Chaumette

    • Adam says

      Hello Yves,

      Thank you for getting in touch! We are always on the lookout for which cameras to add next, and comments like this are great for finding out our users’ needs. We have passed your request on to the AfterShot team for their consideration.


      Discovery Center Team

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