One-of-a-kind DIY Prom Dresses


Prom season is is full swing and I was looking for some interesting photos of prom dresses to share with you. I thought I would find some wonderfully bizarre pictures of  70’s and 80’s prom dresses, with equally fantastic makeup and hairstyles. However, Googling “crazy prom dresses” didn’t give me the results I was expecting – but what I found was SO much better! Here are 10 super creative, wild, crazy and unique ideas for prom wear. Most are DIY so you may be inspired to make your own version!

I think my favorite DIY prom dress is the one above made by Aimee Kick. All made out of coffee filters and complete with coffee bean necklace!

Then there’s the Dorito bag prom dress by Maura Pozek. This is not the only unique prom dress Maura has created – she has also fashioned them out of cardboard and paper bags one year, and soda can tabs another year.



Speaking of soda can tabs, check out this creation by Regan Kerr made from 5,114 tabs.



Chips, sodas and now gum! Elizabeth Rasmuson decided to make her dress out of gum wrappers. She even made a matching vest for her date!



If you can’t imagine how you could go through enough gum or Doritos to make a dress, how about duct tape? In fact, there is even a contest sponsored by Duck Brand Duck Tape. The Stuck At Prom scholarship contest has been going on for 15 years now, and you can see some amazing creations in their gallery. The 2015 finalists will be announced on June 15 so head over to the site and vote for your favorite couple. Last year’s winners Kechantra & Jeffery used 28 rolls for their outfits, including earrings, shoes, corsage and bow tie.



Want to light up the room? This quick tutorial will show you how easy it is to add some sparkle to your prom dress using fairy lights from This dress below wasn’t created as a prom dress but what a gorgeous inspiration!



Got a stack of newspapers that haven’t been recycled yet? Or some Monopoly money that isn’t being used? Learn how to make a newspaper dress like this one by Laura, or a Monopoly dress like this one we found on Pinterest.




Now, these last two aren’t DIY ideas, but I couldn’t resist including this sock monkey dress. Yes, a sock monkey dress. I know there is no possible reason why I would need a sock monkey dress but still I WANT ONE.



And finally, something for the guys – these cool light-up ties from Electric Styles. They have different colors to choose from, and there is even an optional upgrade to include a sound-responsive battery pack that will make your tie blink to the beat of the music.


Hope you enjoyed this collection of unique DIY prom fashions!

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