PaintShop Professionals Spotlight: Meet Brad Barton, Photographer

A few months ago, the Corel Photo team announced the launch of the PaintShop Professionals program and introduced the inaugural class of the PaintShop Professionals. Now, you will get the chance to have a closer look into each one of the six talented photographers and designers through our spotlight features and better understand their story and what makes each one so unique.

For the first PaintShop Professionals spotlight, meet Brad Barton, Photographer. Brad has been using PaintShop exclusively for all of his photo editing needs from basic retouching to multi-layer conceptual art pieces since the early 1990’s. Hailing from North Texas, Brad is a talented artist who lets his imagination run free with creativity as he hones into his subject’s story and emotion. The final product is sometimes fantastical, sometimes bizarre, sometimes surreal and always a unique and intriguing masterpiece.

Photography has been a hobby of Brad’s from as young as he can remember but he stumbled upon professional Photography somewhat by accident after taking some headshots for a local acting coach.  “For me, PaintShop Pro is not an alternative to similar products, it is the solution to my needs.” Says Brad. By leveraging the power of PaintShop, he was able to express the artistic, creative and elaborate scenes in his imagination.

His work has been published in nationally distributed books and magazines, has been featured in feature length motion pictures, and has won numerous awards. Brad holds Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America and continues to teach and write about art and photography.

Brad is particularly inspired by mythology and the fantasy world and admittedly, his work will take an occasional turn to the dark side. One of Brad’s newest projects is a Kickstarter called Beautiful Monsters which is a campaign designed to show the world just how beautiful monsters can be.  The full color art book features pinup style monsters inspired by classic literature and mythology.

Check it out here:

Learn more about Brad: read his full profile, see samples of his artwork and find links to his website and social media channels.

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