All-New PhotoMirage Makes Waves by Bringing Your Still Photos to Life

Without question, visual content is king… but with all of the images added to the internet every day (in the billions!), it’s become a very noisy place.

If you’re a photographer, digital artist, or graphic designer, this can be especially frustrating when promoting your work online and on social media. So how can you capture a viewer’s attention in those critical first seconds before they move on to something else?

The answer – eye-catching animations from all-new PhotoMirage!

Photographers and marketers have started to explore animated photographs as a new way to stand out online; but typically, the choice has been either time-consuming and overly complicated video-based processes or potentially expensive photo-based options. With PhotoMirage, we see a real opportunity for to disrupt this space by finally bringing mesmerizing and stunning animated photographs within anyone’s reach.

Easy to Learn & Ridiculously Fun

Now you can quickly animate the photo of your choice in minutes. Just grab the image you want to animate and, in three simple steps, you’ll be creating your own breathtaking animations!

All you need to do is add Motion Arrows, plot some Anchor Points, and then hit Preview to watch it in action. See just how fast and easy it is to create your own animations.

Of course, you can refine your work using advanced selection tools, Smart Photo Fix, and Visibility Layers. Then export to MP4, WMV, or GIF in the dimensions you need for easy sharing with clients, customers, family, and friends on your favorite social media platform. Everyone will love your PhotoMirage animations because they are fun to watch, and even more fun to create!

Capture Attention & Connect with Your Audience

If you’ve ever seen a photo animation, you know how it can draw you in and leave you wanting to know more about how it was created. These scroll-stopping animations are the secret to capturing your audience’s attention, cutting through the noise, and conveying emotion better than a still image.

PhotoMirage provides a refreshing way to attract viewers in a busy and competitive digital landscape. Start creating photo animations for your website or blog today, and watch your conversions grow.

Affordable solution for businesses, creative professionals – and you

Nobody wants to spend more money if they don’t have to, right?!

Producing video content is expensive and time-consuming but everyone has a collection of photos and digital images just waiting to be animated. PhotoMirage requires no skills or pre-planning to create professional-looking moving content.

Plus, PhotoMirage is low-cost and subscription-free! Do you want to share your PhotoMirage creations with the world? We do!

Just post your photo animations to the PhotoMirage Gallery, right here on the Corel Discovery Center. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing animations you come up with!

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  1. Andreas Epmeier says

    Is there any way to start that program? I have a key, get registered and everytime I try to start PhotoMirage, it only shows the welcome to your trial popup. When I click on register today, nothing happens.

    • gilliandarby says

      Hi Andreas,
      I haven’t been able to replicate this issue so I’m not sure what is causing the problem. In the trial pop-up screen there is a button in the bottom left corner “Already purchased” and if you click on that it will bring you to a screen where you can enter your serial number. Have you already completed this step?
      The Discovery Center team

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