Painting a 19th Century Character

Painting a 19th Century Character

By: Pavel Goloviy

Get a glimpse into the painting process of illustrator Pavel Goloviy as he creates a 19th century character portrait in Painter Essentials. To create the mounted horseman, Pavel starts with line drawing to capture movement and the correct proportions of horse and rider. Next, he creates the underpainting layer to establish the overall color palette for the image, as well as light and dark areas. As he works on blending and adding fine details, Pavel also shares tips about some of his favorite digital painting tools, such as the lasso selection tool that he uses to move and tweak parts of his painting.

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Tools You Need

Painter Essentials 8

Spark your creativity with Painter Essentials 8. Enjoy fun and uncomplicated painting software for beginners and fall in love with digital painting.

Winter Essentials Brushes

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Wacom One Creative Tablet

The Wacom One creative pen tablet offers a natural pen experience on a 13” screen, perfect for creatives seeking great value for their money.

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