Character Illustration with Painter Essentials

Creating your First Character Illustration in Painter Essentials

Learn how to create your first character illustration in Painter Essentials! This 3-part series will show you how to work from sketch to finishing details.

Painting a 19th Century Character

Get a glimpse into the painting process and favorite tools of illustrator Pavel Goloviy as he paints a 19th century character in Painter Essentials.

Painting a Character Portrait

Watch as illustrator Pavel Goloviy reveals his process for painting a character portrait of The Mistress of Copperhead Mountain in Painter Essentials.

Painting Realistic Hair

Get some helpful tips on how to paint hair in Painter Essentials, starting with a sketch, then adding color and highlights, and fine details to finish.

Painting realistic lips in Painter Essentials

Learn how to streamline the painting process and create realistic lips in this tutorial with concept artist Magdalena Proszowska.

Painting Realistic Eyes

Concept artist Magdalena Proszowska provides a demonstration and useful tips for painting realistic eyes and eyebrows in Painter Essentials.

Painting a Full Character

Get a glimpse into the creative process behind the development of Magdalena Proszowska’s beautiful artwork for Painter Essentials.

Shading and Rendering a Character

Freelance illustrator Brandon A. McDonald provides more detail around shading and rendering a caterpillar character.

Sketching and Shading an Illustration

Watch as concept artist Brandon A. McDonald creates a character illustration from a blank canvas, with many helpful tips along the way.

Mirror Painting a Character

Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller shows you how to paint with the time-saving Mirror tool in Painter Essentials.