By Cher Pendarvis

This tutorial provides a concise overview of select features in Painter for Essentials users, featuring Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis. See how Painter allows you to take advantage of additional brush categories, Panels and Palettes, Photo-Painting tools, Color selections, Media libraries and a useful Reference Image Panel that floats right in the interface so that you can keep your eye on your source image.

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  1. WendyMichala says

    I am trying to get information on building an image reference library, but can’t find help on importing anything. The only option I am getting is Adobe Illustrator and I need others. Any help out of this corner will be very nice, thank you.

    • gilliandarby says

      Hi Wendy,
      You should be able to use the File > Open command to open the following supported file formats in Painter:
      • RIFF
      • TIFF (TIF)
      • PNG
      • CMYK TIF
      • PSD
      • BMP
      • PCX (PC Paintbrush)
      • TGA (TARGA)
      • GIF
      • JPEG (JPG)

      If you want to place the file in an existing Painter document as a new reference layer, use the File > Place command instead.

      If you’re using the Reference Image panel, the following formats can be opened: JPG, PNG, RIFF and PSD.

      Hope this helps!
      The Discovery Center team

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