AfterShot 3.6 is here with NEW Camera Profiles!

We are excited to announce a FREE update is available for AfterShot 3 and AfterShot Pro 3! Enjoy several new camera profiles available which can be downloaded from the Get More tab in your application. Make sure to restart AfterShot after your download and you’ll be ready to edit!

This update also addresses several reported issues related to installation, lens profiles, watermarking, RAW thumbnail and more. For more details, and to download the free update, head over to our Patches and Updates page or look for your in-app notification.

NEW Camera Profiles

Now available from the Get More tab in your product or visit our downloads page.

Fujifilm X-T3
Fujifilm X-T30

Leica SL (typ601)

Nikon CoolPix P1000
Nikon D3500
Nikon z6
Nikon z7

Olympus E-PL6
Olympus TG-5

Panasonic DMC-G9

Sony Alpha a7R III
Sony Alpha a7R IV
Sony Alpha a7S II
Sony a6400

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  1. Claude Devos says


    Je possédais auparavant un canon EOS 80D et avais acheté Aftershot Pro pour traiter mes RAW.
    Début de cette année, j’ai acheté un Sony RX10Mk IV et l’addon pour cet appareil n’est toujours pas disponibke alors que vous venez de le faire pour les A7R de différents modèles et pour le A6400.
    Puis-je espérer un jour pouvoir utiliser Aftershoy avec mon RX10 IV?

    • Adam says

      Hello Dave,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Are you trying to access the FZ1000 profile through the Get More menu? Support for this camera is built in to AfterShot Pro 3, so it won’t show up in the Get More menu because it’s already present. We’d suggest making sure you’ve installed the latest updates – version 3.6, as of this release – and then loading in the profile as normal.

      If you have updated to 3.6 and are still having trouble, reply back here or get in touch with us on our support page and we will look into that with you.

      Discovery Center Team

  2. brokeno2 says

    I did this update and it fixed the connection to my SmugMug page something support could not fix without going into my PC registry which I said no to. Now if they could do this with my Paintshop Pro 2019 I would gladly upgrade to the newer 2020 package.

  3. Taro says

    I’m eager for Panasonic GX7-Mk3 profile. It is the same model as GX9 that is already available in AfterShot, but it is called a different name in Japan.

  4. unclejoey says

    How about a profile for the Olympus O-MD 5 Mark III? Great program but time to get a few more camera profiles up.

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