Beautiful Panorama Photography

Here’s a revelation that won’t win any awards: the world is a big place. Enormously, mind-bogglingly big. So big that it can be impossible to capture the sheer scale and scope of it in the tiny slice of a camera’s lens.

However, with the aid of a panoramic lens, photographers can give some little hint at just how impressive the world around us really is, from the natural majesty of mountains:


To the man-made wonder of architectural mastery:


Panoramic photography can give an impression of an entire city, a powerful symbol of the modern age.


Or take us back to the most ancient times.

stonehenge-1480288_960_720Or just show us how many sheep can fit in a field.


Want to learn about how panoramas are made, and how you can take your own? You’re in luck! We just so happen to have a video tutorial all about that, which you can find here. Have fun!


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