Kiss creative block goodbye with the latest CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2024 update!

Greetings CorelDRAW Community, 

We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2024. Packed with game-changing features and enhancements, this new version opens the floodgates to unique and limitless design possibilities, while enhancing productivity.  

What’s new in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2024?

Painterly brushes

Transform your vector designs into stunning masterpieces with 100 pixel-based brushes controlled by vector curves. The new Painterly Brush tool gives you the best of both worlds: the realistic-looking effects of pixel strokes and the easy manipulation, scaling, and non-destructive quality of vector.

Unlike brush tools in some other applications that are either vector-only or pixel-based only, CorelDRAW’s Painterly Brush tool is both, combining stunning results with smooth control.  

See it in action! Watch the full video tutorial How to use the Painterly Brush tool.

Remote fonts

Preview online fonts directly within CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT™ without needing to install them. When you use a remote font, it’s automatically downloaded for immediate use. Explore a world of typography possibilities at your fingertips.

Non-destructive bitmap effects

Enjoy a seamless and consistent non-destructive effects workflow across CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.  Apply and edit bitmap effects without altering the original image and control all effects and adjustments from one place. No more dialog boxes blocking your view of the workspace.  

Optimized performance and stability

We’re committed to ensuring your product feedback is reflected in our development roadmap. Based on direction and guidance from our valued customers, you’ll experience notable improvements to performance and stability, as well as refinements to your frequently used features. 

300 additional templates for subscribers

Browse through a whole new selection of customizable cloud templates to inspire your designs. Craft beautiful brochures, logos, infographics, web graphics, and more, with over double the creative templates available to subscribers and maintenance customers.   

Get started today! 

Curious about the new features? Experience the power, versatility, and new creative possibilities that CorelDRAW 2024 delivers with a free 15-day trial. We hope you’ll like what you see!    

The CorelDRAW Team