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What is a HTM file?

HTM or Hypertext Markup files are generally used for constructing web pages. It displays text and images on web browsers in user defined format. The markup codes in HTM or HTML file formats the text, image and other elements in a way that can be understood by the web browsers. This format is widely used by Web designers and Web Developers around the world. It’s not a regular image format but you can still open a HTM file with CorelDRAW and apply the modifications you want.

How to open HTM file format

1. Create New Document
Launch CorelDRAW and select New Document. Select desired canvas size and colors

2. Select your HTM file
File> Import. The file browser will appear. Select the HTM File you want to import and click Import

3. Position Image on Canvas
Using the cursor select where you want the image to be placed and click and drag to position the image on the canvas

4. Edit your HTM file
Make your edits to the image

5. Save your document
Save the file before closing to the your desired location on your computer

Open HTM File on Windows with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1

CorelDRAW opens HTM files and the other files formats listed below

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