Give Painterly brushes a try for a chance to win $1,000 USD

Greetings CorelDRAW Community,

We’re delighted to announce the new Painterly brushes contest, where you can enter by submitting your Painterly brush artwork and have a chance to win $1,000 USD.

CorelDRAW’s innovative new set of Natural-Media™ and particle brushes replicate the look of traditional art mediums like paint, pastels, and pencils, making them ideal for adding brush effects and realistic textures to vector designs.

Leveraging Corel Painter’s award-winning brush technology, CorelDRAW’s new Painterly Brush tool delivers something that Adobe Illustrator doesn’t, the ability to seamlessly tailor each pixel-based brush stroke to perfection with the vector curve tools you’re used to.

Design something unique to you with CorelDRAW’s pixel-based brushes for a chance to win $1,000 USD.

How to enter:

1. Try CorelDRAW’s Painterly Brush tool for FREE.
2. Add Painterly brush strokes to your existing artwork, or paint from scratch to create something all-new.
3. Upload your creation(s) here by May 29th and we’ll pick a winning design.

It’s that easy!

See full Contest Rules

Creative inspiration:

• Infuse ethereal effects to fine art or illustrations.
• Produce unique typographic designs by adding brush effects to text.
• Create organic and natural-looking effects on apparel and packaging.
• Add texture and depth to branding and mockups.

Tips and experimentation:

• Change the look and feel of brush strokes by adjusting attributes such as brush size, color, and transparency.
• Adjust the path of your strokes by using the nodes and control handles.
• Create subtle transitions between overlapping elements and incorporate overlays.
• Control the transparency, width, and angle of your strokes with a pressure-sensitive stylus or pen tablet.

See it in action:

Learn how CorelDRAW’s game-changing Painterly Brush tool combines the best of both worlds: the realistic-looking effects of pixel strokes and the easy manipulation, scaling, and non-destructive quality of vector.


Don’t miss out! Contest ends May 29, 2024, at midnight EDT.

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