PaintShop Professionals Spotlight: Meet Carole Asselin, Digital Scrapbooker

Carole has been using PaintShop Pro for all of her graphics needs since version 7. She was immediately intrigued by the software and its capabilities and wanted to utilize it to create elements and layouts from scratch. Specifically, she uses PaintShop Pro personally to enhance old photos, create icons, and crop and edit images for her website. Her favorite activity is digital scrapbooking which she has blossomed into a successful teaching venture. She has developed an extensive expertise and enjoys sharing her knowledge with the digital scrapbooking community.

When asked what Carole’s favorite feature in PaintShop Pro is, without missing a beat, she shared her love for scripting as it is both powerful and flexible and excellent for speeding up repetitive tasks. She also enjoys working with picture tubes as she explains their use is often misunderstood. Picture tubes allow the user to draw various elements with the cursor such as chains, ropes, zippers and more. To view Carole’s PaintShop Pro webinars and tutorials, check out her page on the Discovery Center.

She built to teach people about digital scrapbooking using PaintShop Pro. Here, you can find classes available online for digital scrapbooking, general photo editing, and PaintShop Pro tips including customizations and vectors. Available now, she is offering the Basic Scrap Course on her website. This course enables participants to learn first-hand how to create exciting layouts using basic techniques and with simple instructions, one video at a time. To enroll in the Basic Scrap Course, click here and receive a limited time offer of 50% off with coupon code COREL.

As a Holiday special, Carole is offering a 12-day Holiday Cards challenge! Each day for 12 days, you will receive an email including a link to a card template, inspirational samples, and a technical tip of the day. This course is FREE and perfect for beginners and more experienced users alike. To register, click here.

Haven’t tried PaintShop Pro yet? Get a 30-day free trial here.

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  1. micfin says

    I’ve been following Carole’s scrapbooking site for a while now. Her tutorials are wonderful. Carole explains everything in detail and she sounds like she’s talking directly to you. I’ve learned more from her than I can say.

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