Creating, Using and Sharing Presets

Creating, Using and Sharing Presets

By Joseph Cristina

Using presets in AfterShot Pro is a quick and easy way to reproduce a certain effect on your photos, saving you a lot of tedious and repetitive editing time. This tutorial by professional photographer Joseph Cristina will show you how to create, use and share presets. Learn how to create a folder for your presets, how to save a preset you have created and then how to apply this new preset to other photos. He’ll also show you the file location for Windows and Mac users, so you can find your new preset file and share it with others.

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Tools You Need

AfterShot Pro 3

Edit faster and get back behind your camera where you belong with AfterShot Pro 3, the world’s fastest RAW ­editing software.

GradFilter Pro Plugin

The GradFilter Pro plugin simulates the effect of graduated neutral density and graduated color filters.

AfterShot Pro Presets

Browse our collection of Preset Packs for AfterShot Pro and discover countless ways to easily enhance the look of your photos.

GradFilter Lite Plugin

The GradFilter Lite plugin simulates the effect of using a graduated neutral density filter with your camera lens.

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