Amplify your creativity with AI based Vision FX plugin

Create AI-generated art using Vision FX with CorelDRAW 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is positively infiltrating and influencing so many areas of our daily lives. It’s also allowing artists of all types, skill levels, and genres to go well beyond the current limitations of creative expression.  

Now, you can experience and experiment with the benefits of AI first-hand, with no steep learning curve or significant financial investment. Welcome to Vision FX! It’s an AI generator and user-friendly plugin that can expand the reach and capabilities of CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite. If you don’t currently own CorelDRAW, choose a free trial to see what it’s all about. 

Are AI images considered art? 

This AI art generator, in a plugin format, helps you reconfigure both pixel-based images and photos into a generous variety of visually impressive results.  

Best of all, it gives you the freedom to explore, edit, and manipulate your images in imaginative ways without any restrictions. You can produce an unlimited variety of art styles from manga and cartoon-like imagery to recognizable artistic styles of world-known artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali, Monet, and many more. 

Many artists will expand the reach of their artwork by pursuing the commercial use of their reimagined images, including selling, reprinting, and merchandising. It is recommended and encouraged to disclose the use of AI characters in your work. 

Why use an AI art generator? 

If you’re relatively new to AI or have already worked with it in some capacity, here’s a quick overview of why Vision FX might be the perfect fit for you: 

  • Straightforward. For real.  
  • Innovative. Leverage the turbo-charged AI-power to kick up your creativity. 
  • Secure. What you create is stored on your machine. Not the cloud. 
  • Affordable. A low-risk way to experiment with AI. 
  • Flexible. Use it with CorelDRAW, Corel® Painter®, or PaintShop® Pro to extend your creative possibilities. 

Vision FX is your AI superpower 

Step up your creativity by opening the Vision FX plugin from within the CorelDRAW user interface. Together, they make a creative powerhouse that leverages the full capacity of an AI art generator. As a complementary software product, CorelDRAW delivers the necessary features to fine-tune and polish your Vision FX image into something visually original, breathtaking, or moving. You control the outcome! 

What can I create with Vision FX? 

In addition to creating your own imaginative photo enhancements with Vision FX, here are some inspirational perspectives of what this plugin can help you accomplish: 

  • Aim for next-level social media posts by adding unexpected colors, objects, or backgrounds to your profile picture. 
  • Bring a vacation photo into another world by requesting an original mash-up of seasons, or applying certain styles like steam punk, gothic, wild West, or many more others. 
  • Personify a favorite animal with clothing, costumes, dance steps, or other human attributes. 
  • Paint a landscape or scenery in clever or unexpected ways, like grass that grows in multi-color hues, neon-colored sunsets, futuristic skylines, and more. 
  • Choose a famous artist and create a whole new perspective on a classic work of art. 
  • Imagine and create any visual transformation with this AI art generator. 

Whether you intend to produce playful output or serious gallery-level work, Vision FX has the bandwidth to meet your vision. See it in action.  

Is Vision FX art generator a free plugin? 

It’s an affordable plugin that takes visuals to another level with its AI technology. Wherever you find inspiration for your creativity, whether it’s exploring undiscovered tools within your graphic design software, or watching online tutorials, Vision FX can transform your photos and images into original, one-of-a-kind output. Better yet, pair it with the award-winning features of CorelDRAW and your images will transform in exceptional and unexpected ways. 

Have your own experience with AI-generated art 

Gain a new perspective and technique to express your image ingenuity using the AI power of Vision FX alongside CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. And, if you want to see how this AI art generator works in tandem with our software, here’s how you can purchase Vision FX. We’re confident that you’ll look at art in a whole new way! 

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  1. Chris Schults says

    I suppose it is the same way in paintshop pro.
    But is it possible to download this as a written tutorial ?
    Kind regards

  2. Deb says

    Please stay away from adding AI generated images into your products. Your product is rooted in letting people explore creating, painting, drawing. Not feeding words into a computer to have it do all the fun stuff, as well as being trained on all our stolen art works.
    Please don’t abandon your current consumer base to chase after the AI carrot. We need companies standing up for artists now more than ever. Please be that voice.

  3. David says

    I empathize with artists who correctly see AI producing very useful images. Protecting artists….. or carriage makers from new tools and methods is a losing position. It can’t work, and those who don’t adapt won’t either.

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