Smartphone Photography Contest Winners!

And the winners are in! Share your favorite with your family and friends on Facebook right away! The time has come for us to announce the winners of our Smartphone Photography contest. Last month we asked you to show [...]


4 Reasons to use Motion Tracking in Video

Shutterstock image by iurii Motion tracking sounds robotic but in reality it can bring your videos to life. Sometimes focus needs to be on one person only. No distractions. It’s quick and easy to make videos focused and appealing. Whether [...]


5 Tips for Making a Great Slideshow

Slideshows have become a necessary basic skill to have for work and personal life alike. They are used for business presentations, for showing travel photos, and as a way to share memories at special occasions. Fortunately, learning how to [...]


DIY Wedding Videography Done Right – Part Two

Welcome back to this blog series on Wedding Videography.  In the last blog, we went over the basic list of gear you need to make a professional-looking wedding video.  Now that you have the equipment sorted out, let’s move [...]


Is iPhone Photography Right for You?

Are you thinking about getting into photography? Or are you tired of having to carry around all kinds of extra heavy baggage when you want to go out shooting? iPhone photography (or iPhoneography) offers you the chance to shoot [...]

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