Get in on the May the Fourth Action!

Star Wars Day, or May the Fourth as it’s known by fans around the world, is your chance to celebrate everything Star Wars. Social media sites will be flooded with posts and memes and you can get in on the action with these fun and easy photo editing projects.

May the Fourth Freebies!

Download the free content pack of Star Wars-themed fonts, backgrounds and clipart images.

Instant Jedi Master or Sith Lord in 3 easy steps!

STEP ONE: Open your images

Open your photo in PaintShop Pro and open one of the lightsaber images from the free content pack.

STEP TWO: Add the lightsaber

Copy and paste the lightsaber onto your photo, then use the Pick tool to resize, rotate and position the lightsaber where you want it.

STEP THREE: Blend the images

Use the Eraser tool to remove the part of the lightsaber that should be hidden by the hand, to make it look like your subject is actually holding it.

There you go! Faster than the Millenium Falcon making the jump to lightspeed, you’ve created a Jedi master or Sith lord!

Have some fun with it! Add text, choose some fun images of your friends or even stage a lightsaber battle with some furry critters.

Want to flex your photo editing muscles? Try using the ParticleShop brush plugin to create special effects. Check out this amazing image by user SPJ700.

Make a Star Wars Meme

Once you have your image created, add some text to create a meme. If you want to see the detailed steps, watch this tutorial How to Make a Meme.

May the Fourth Video Projects

Looking for more Star Wars projects? Check out these video editing tutorials.

Make a Star Wars Intro in Pinnacle Studio

Make a Star Wars Intro in VideoStudio

Have fun celebrating Star Wars day and don’t forget to share your May the Fourth creations in our User Galleries!

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  1. Patrick Wilson says

    I hope I can get all your alerts in my mailbox. I recently bought Painter 2019 and Painter Essentials 6.
    My Painter 2019 package was purchased in October 2019 and I’ve already updated it with your Update 1. However, I notice on your site that you had special Bob Ross offers only up to the end of March 2019, so I’ve missed out on those. I don’t want to be left out with any other offers you may have in the future, that is why I’m hoping to receive email alerts for everything that comes out for Painter 2019.

  2. Patrick Wilson says

    As I stated in my previous comment, I recently purchased Painter 2019 and Painter Essentials 6. My Painter 2019 F-X brushes do not contain Fairy Dust, Shattered or Neon, which is strange. Those brushes are contained within Painter Essentials 6, but I would also like to have them in my full Painter 2019 package. I had them in my Painter 10 package, so it seems strange that they’re not in my Painter 2019 package. Although I can transfer my artwork into Painter Essentials 6 to access those brushes, I cannot control the brushes the way I used to in Painter 10, that is why I would like to have them in Painter 2019. In my old Painter 10, I used to be able to alter those brushes to paint multiple colours at the same time.

    • Adam says

      Hello Patrick,

      Thanks for getting in touch! We have some instructions on importing brush libraries which you may find useful. We introduced library importing and exporting in Painter 12, but more recent versions of Painter can still open libraries from Painter 11 and earlier – the process is just a bit more involved.

      Hope this helps!

      Discovery Center Team

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