Applying Transformations to Objects

Use the Transformations docker in CorelDRAW to position, rotate, scale, mirror, and skew objects with ease and precision. You can transform selected objects, and you can transform copies of the selected objects, leaving the original objects unchanged.

1. Select the object.
2. Click Object menu > Transformations, and click a command. The Transformations docker opens at the page that corresponds to the command you selected (the Rotate page in the following example).


3. Do any of the following:

  • Type the values you want, and click Apply. The selected object is transformed.
  • To apply the transformation to an object’s copy leaving the original object untouched, hold down Shift, and click Apply.


  • To apply the transformation to multiple object copies, type a number in the Copies box, and click Apply.

For more information about transforming objects, see the CorelDRAW Help.