Modifying existing curves with the LiveSketch tool

You can re-draw existing lines to change their position and shape or simply to refine them.

An existing curve (left); A new stroke (in blue) is created close to the existing curve (middle). When the pointer is within the editable area of an existing curve, the curve is highlighted to indicate that you can modify it;The existing stroke is extended and readjusted (right.)

When you edit an existing curve with the LiveSketch tool, the resulting curve inherits the properties of the existing curve.

A curve created with the Artistic Media tool (left); The new stroke drawn with the LiveSketch tool is within the editable area of the existing curve (middle); The resulting curve (right) takes on the properties of the existing curve.

To readjust an existing curve:

  1. Click the Include curves  toggle button on the property bar to enable it.
  2. Sketch over an existing curve to modify it.


  • To sketch close to a curve without modifying it, hold down Shift as you draw. The new strokes are added as separate objects.
As you sketch close to existing curves, use the Shift key to toggle between editing the existing curves and adding the new strokes as separate objects (right).
  • Move the Distance from curve slider to adjust the width of the editable area around existing curves. When you sketch within this area, you can readjust previously drawn curves.

Learn more about the LiveSketch tool in the CorelDRAW Help.